• Magnus Volk’s Bizarre Machine

    Jago Hazzard’s Youtube channel is an absolute delight.  Wonderful narration, fascinating history (even for a non-history person like me), the odd pun too.  Even though he denies the puns, he’s managed to find an absolutely bizarre machine created by Magnus Volk.  A part-tram, part-boat, part-something indescribable which operated along the seafront of Brighton.  Doubtless anything like this would be made today – the health and safety aspects would be an…

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  • Re:Fraction – Session 06A

    Gustav Sandstedt is an amazing musician who was responsible for some amazing electronic music. From the incredible drone/ambient of the series released under the moniker Fahünd to SKYMF’s unique take on techno, he is now producing dub techno under the alias ‘Re:fraction’. This latest track…

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  • Texture Archaeology

    So apparently texture archaeology is a thing.  This insightful video shows how people are digging through various resources to find the source of images used in media – and this particular video shows the history of a particular texture.  Fascinating stuff, especially considering how prevalent…

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