• New Music From Yours Truly

    I’ve been busy making some new music – no albums as yet, but a whole bunch of tracks for you to peruse.  Currently working on an album entitled ‘Textures’ which is planned to be a 5 track full album of dark ambient drone music and should be completed sometime in June. I also have some long-form generative ambient albums in the pipeline for later this year too. Anyway my latest…

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  • RIP Klaus Schulze

    Klaus Schulze, who released many albums including many that formed my musical landscape in my youth has sadly died of renal disease.  A legendary musician who crafted some amazing soundscapes, worked with a number of other amazing musicians will be sadly missed. Klaus Schulze, composer…

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  • Re:Fraction – Session 06A

    Gustav Sandstedt is an amazing musician who was responsible for some amazing electronic music. From the incredible drone/ambient of the series released under the moniker Fahünd to SKYMF’s unique take on techno, he is now producing dub techno under the alias ‘Re:fraction’. This latest track…

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