Music Reviews

Reviews of music I listen to.

  • State Azure – Memory Drift

    Listening to State Azure is always a pleasure. Whether it’s the improvised live performances, the epic generative ambient soundscapes or a studio album, there seems to be something for everyone. And for me, with my tastes in electronic music, nearly all of his output has…

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  • Best Albums In 2022

    As the year draws to a close, I’d like to post an article about the best albums of 2022 I listened to, with the following criteria: The album must have been released within the 2022 period. I have listened to the album in full at…

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  • Cryo Chamber – Yig

    Being as this is a collaborative effort, lets list out all the musicians involved, and there’s quite the list: Neizvestija, ProtoU, Dronny Darko, RNGMNN, In Quantum, Dead Melodies, Atrium Carceri, Keosz, Northumbria, Beyond the Ghst, Wordclock, God Body Disconnect, Randal Collier-Ford, Hilyard, Council of Nine,…

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  • Archean Nights – Pulsar

    Archean Nights is a phenomenal drone project from France. With 23 albums released to date, they’ve carved a niche in some excellent long-form atonal drone music and also done collaborations with other artists as well. I first discovered them purely by accident when searching through…

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  • Frore – Void Peripheral

    Void Peripheral is a long-form ambient piece by the artist known as Frore. I have a particular fondness for longer ambient pieces, as they have such more time to develop as a musical work. This even applies when the genre is known for eschewing the…

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