Richard Cheesman


So welcome. Welcome to City 17…. no wait, wrong script. Hi! I’m Richard Cheesman, and this is my blog. A little corner of the internet where I spout stuff about whatever comes my way, could be interesting, etc. I’m fast approaching 50, flabby and coming to terms with a recent ADHD diagnosis.

I spent a lot of my adult life undiagnosed, and as such have struggled with mental health issues, not helped by a hearing loss that was probably there at birth. I’m deafened in one ear, the other has had some significant loss over the years. But I soldier on. Having the diagnosis certainly helped, more so than any of the subsequent medication. I am learning to create routines, patterns, coping methods to help utilise my ‘different’ brain structure to it’s fullest.

Other things: I love ambient, electronic and dark music. Occasionally I’ll dip into other genres, mostly techno, drum & bass, etc. Sometimes I find a good album in other genres – such as Heilung’s ‘Lifa’, chap-hop – most notably Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, etc.

I like photography, fractal art, good movies (any language), and learning more about myself. Yes, I’m a mystery to myself, and this blog is part of that path of discovery.