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Quick Listens #2

Welcome to Quick Listens episode 2 – my new series in which I’ll post quick thoughts on new music I’ve been listening to.  Not as in-depth as an individual review, and may vary in quantity of things I actually list in each one.  But hopefully it’ll be a good dropping in point for the music that’s floating my musical boat at any point in time.  With that said, let’s get on with the list…

Alphaxone & Dronny Darko – Beyond The Event Horizon.

Alphaxone & Dronny Darko - Beyond The Event HorizonA great album of deep space drone music from the Cryo Chamber label.  Ideal for fans of both Alphaxone and Dronny Darko.  Favourite track – Perpetual Motion.  Lots of drone, dirty noise layered on to it, a perfect blend of the output from both artists.

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Arjen Schat – Minimalist Music Assembly.

Arjen Schat - Minimalist Music AssemblyThree tracks of minimalist ambient electronic music from an artist I associate more with Berlin-school electronic music.  That said, he’s extremely good at the ambient side of things and I love this album.  A meditative album and would love to hear more like this.

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J. S. Epperson – Deltarain.

J. S. Epperson - DeltarainI love the ambient meditations that Epperson comes out with.  I can’t recall the first one I ever listened to, but find the consistency of his output amazing.  Deltarain fits into that niche he has carved out for himself with this hour-long sonic meditation that can be as effective as background music or focused listening.

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Monasterium Imperi – Custodians of the Lost Exarch.

Monasterium Imperi - Custodians of the Lost ExarchMonasterium Imperi makes gothic dark ambient that is perfectly placed within the Warhammer 40k universe. This 3-track mini album is yet another slice of that Neo-gothic lovecraftian infused sound and I still love it.

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Pianeti Sintetici – Esplora I

Pianeti Sintetici - Esplora IHypnos records are a staple of my deep/hypnotic techno explorations, and this EP from Pianeti was a pleasant listen.  Four great tracks of deep tunes that make me want to grab the other two volumes that have been released since this one back in Jan 2023.

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And there we have it for now.  If you have any music you think I should try out, then let me know in the comments.

There are still in-depth reviews in the works – I’m currently writing up the entire Sabled Sun 21xx series, as well as albums from Altus, Heavenchord, The Black Dog and more.  They’re still on schedule to publish early November.  See you next time!

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