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Quick Listens #1

Welcome to Quick Listens – a new series in which I’ll post quick thoughts on new music I’ve been listening to.  Not as in-depth as an individual review, and may vary in quantity of things I actually list in each one.  But hopefully it’ll be a good dropping in point for the music that’s floating my musical boat at any point in time.  With that said, let’s get on with the list…

State Azure – Cacophony of Notes in a Silent World.

Cacophony of Notes in a Silent World by State AzureA wonderful EP from the ever productive State Azure, this four track EP is some sublime ambient music.  Lots of layers and density to each track, without feeling too overpowering.  Delightful for sunset evenings.

Get it on Bandcamp

Unusual Cosmic Process & Astropilot – Ultraboundary Flight

Ultraboundary Flight by Unusual Cosmic Process & Astropilot2 monumental extended ambient tracks perfect for those who like the longer forms of this wonderful genre.  Almost orchestral or cinematic in scope at times.  Thoroughly recommended.

Get it  on Bandcamp

Martin Stürtzer – Space is not empty

Martin Stürtzer - Space is not emptyFantastic set of space ambient tracks from the synth master.  Some great pieces here, I especially love the final track, ‘Sinus Est’ – although the only criticism I could level is that the final track is far too short. Still, I just put it on repeat, lol.

Get it on Bandcamp

Earlyguard – Deep Field Sessions 1, 2 & 3

Earlyguard - Deep Field SessionsThree EP’s of amazing ambient music from a producer I’ve followed for a long, long time.  Thomas Fruwacht has made some of the most influential ambient music to me in my opinion and this is a return to that genre.

Get them on Bandcamp: Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

Subliminal – Present Sounds of Berlin

Subliminal - Present Sound of BerlinA slice of really nice deep dub techno now, with a three-track single featuring some great tunes.  Probably on the more energetic side of this genre from my perspective, the first two tracks are my favourites.

Get it on Bandcamp

Cryo Chamber Collaboration – Tsathoggua

Cryo Chamber Collaboration - TsathogguaFinally managed to get round to listening to this – the latest in the Lovecraft-themed collaboration albums from the amazing Cryo Chamber label.  This has to be one of the best ones since either Nyarlathotep or Yig.  Not to say the others are bad, but this will be a much preferred go-to if I want to listen to one from the series again.

Get it on Bandcamp

And there we have it for now.  I’ll post these fairly regularly, probably once a week or fortnightly, once I’ve amassed enough new material for each collection to be published.

There are still in-depth reviews in the works – I’m currently writing up the entire Sabled Sun 21xx series, as well as albums from Altus, Heavenchord, The Black Dog and more.  Expect those to publish early November.

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