Mount Shrine – Lost Loops Collection

Well then – here is the epic lost loops from the late Cesar Alexandre. I absolutely loved his take on ambient, that warm, fuzzy and distinctly organic tone that I’ve not really heard from any other artist. He drenched his music in this lush, vibrant sound of static, rain and other natural sources which sounds like it should be overwhelming, but it was the opposite. I imagine the music that is expertly nestled within this soundscape to be a pure, minimal sound and melody that could work on its own – but a much more sterile sound without that background analogue soundscapes.

From the sleevenotes:

The Lost Loops Collection compiles all currently known underground albums, singles and EPs produced by Mount Shrine. All remastered and compiled on this must have piece of Mount Shrine history. 4 hours of warm and rainy drones.

It’s a long album and I’m not going to go through it track-by-track. But suffice to say this is a superb collection and shows a great breadth of the scope of Mount Shrine’s work, which despite it’s narrow focus in sound style – never gets boring.

Speaking of tracks, here’s the listings:

Disc One
1. Downpour 12:26
2. Foghorn 18:24
3. The Afterglow 19:44

Disc Two
1. Forbidden Air pt. 1 07:08
2. Forbidden Air pt. 2 07:12
3. Grey Witch 07:40
4. Beholding 06:48
5. Homeless Rooms 06:24
6. Forest Wanderer 07:04

Disc Three
1. Forbidden Temple pt. 1 12:00
2. Forbidden Temple pt. 2 15:12
3. Newborn Limbo 11:38
4. Innerlight 10:37

Disc Four
1. Raining Indoors 15:28
2. Eluded Houses 08:16
3. Ghostly 11:56
4. Odd Nourish 07:24
5. Unradiant Approach 17:36

Disc Five
1. Pathway Park 09:08
2. Southeast Limits 09:06
3. To Nowhere 03:56
4. Sunfloating 05:55
5. Lunar Comfort 13:12

Overall this is a fitting tribute to someone who created some insanely beautiful music and will be sorely missed. Words cannot describe how this music is so well crafted and how it affects the mind when listening to it. I strongly suggest giving it a listen at

If you like ambient music with a deep organic vibe, you really won’t be disappointed.

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