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I’ve been busy making some new music – no albums as yet, but a whole bunch of tracks for you to peruse.  Currently working on an album entitled ‘Textures’ which is planned to be a 5 track full album of dark ambient drone music and should be completed sometime in June. I also have some long-form generative ambient albums in the pipeline for later this year too.

Anyway my latest works are below, linked directly to the relevant Bandcamp release pages.

Pencoedtre Wood

Modular noodling. Photography by Colin Cheesman, used with permission.
Released May 18, 2023

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Deep space drones and tones.
Released May 20, 2023

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There is one who comes,
along with them a storm,
unlike any seen before.

Bow down and fear,
for he comes near,
bringing his bolts to bear.

Dark ambient musings on the nordic name Styrmir, “one who causes storms”.
Released May 23, 2023

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Hafod Uchtryd

Hafod Uchtryd is a wooded and landscaped estate in the Ystwyth valley in Ceredigion, Wales. Part of an ongoing series named around Welsh woodlands and other similar areas.
Released May 26, 2023

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Insanity. Dark brooding sounds, manipulated live on a modular setup. Enjoy, if you can 🙂
Released May 29, 2023

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Music for morning meditations.

Might release a longer version that is sitting on my hard drive.
Released May 30, 2023

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