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Noel Deyzel has risen extremely quickly through the ranks of TikTok and Youtube, pushing an open, honest and common-sense approach to fitness. Although a self-confessed steroid user, he advocates the opposite, citing the harm it can potentially cause especially through the younger audiences on the respective platforms he engages on. This is a good thing, and more power to him. He repeats a fitness message that I respect from other trusted people in that industry – to apply the ideas to your needs, to adapt to your requirements, goals and so on.

I caught note of one of his videos, a series of recipes that can be a: very cheap, b: nutritious across the board and c: dead easy. Not only dead easy to make, but also to adapt as well. Sure, he doesn’t go into specifics of cooking, preparation etc, but he doesn’t need to. The video presentation is slick, smart and informative. Anyone with even a modicum of skill in a kitchen can replicate these recipes.

Here’s the video:

The recipes are:

Meal 1

1 Banana
60g Oats
30g Whey Protein
30g Peanut Butter

Meal 2

100g Lentils
2 Tomatoes
1/2 tsp Paprika
Salt & Pepper
60g Green Beans

Meal 3

150g Chicken Breast
200g Potatoes
30g Broccoli
30g Carrots
Paprika (for chicken)

Meal 4

3 Eggs
200g White Rice
50g Cabbage
10ml low sodium Soy Sauce

I’ve adapted these slightly to my own tastes but the recipes are as listed from the video. With these, it’s easy to swap vegetables between the three main ones – for example, putting the cabbage in Meal 3 and the green beans into meal 4. Putting carrots into meal 2, and so on. I already have a ‘morning porridge’ meal, so I just have a banana as a free snack at some point in the day.

Some great recipes. Each meal is around 400-450cal from what I’ve determined and I’m on a 1500cal/day program so I won’t do all 4 meals in a day – this gives me flexibility to decide which meals are going to be my lunch and dinners. For example, today will be the lentils (meal 2) for lunch, and “chicken” (meal 3) for dinner. Yesterday was meal 2 / meal 4.

Overall the cost of the meals for a week was about £20-25. Bloody cheap given UK inflation on food right now. Plus, it’s actually quite fun to spend the time cooking again. That’s an aspect I’ve missed. I feel I’m taking a more proactive part in the food intake rather than opening a packet and heating it up. We shall see how it goes.

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