Frore – Void Peripheral

Void Peripheral is a long-form ambient piece by the artist known as Frore. I have a particular fondness for longer ambient pieces, as they have such more time to develop as a musical work. This even applies when the genre is known for eschewing the traditional ‘beginning – middle – end’ or ‘verse – chorus’ type structures. I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, but it was Brian Eno who said, ‘With ambient music, something happens, and then continues to happen.’.

With this album, there’s a lot going on – it’s pretty busy for an ambient piece. It’s not offensively so – I’ve been writing some code, this review, sorting some files on my laptop with this playing away. At times I’m grabbed by the melodic shifts, or when the bass pads fade into my aural soundscape playing out in my head. It would not be inappropriate to call this ‘tall’ ambient – where sounds reach the lowest of the low bass sounds, and sharper pads rise up above metaphorical clouds reaching into a virtual stratosphere. Almost touching the void of space. So the title is pretty appropriate, really.

Well worth a listen – it is available as a free download, although I did buy the Earth Mantra back catalogue to help support the label and it’s artists. Maybe one day I’ll have something to release on there if they will let me! (hint, hint)

Void Peripheral is available on Bandcamp

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