From My Mind To Yours

This is more of an introductory post. ‘From My Mind To Yours’ is a term I’ve had rattling through my mind for many many years. I liken it to being able to communicate an idea, a concept, a vision even, so clearly that it truly seems to travel from my own mind to yours. Yes, I stole the likeness of the concept from the old techno imprint ‘Plus 8’ records, whose tagline was that of the title of this article.

But from here on out, it’s just my words and thoughts I’m trying to get across the internet, and the ether in to your minds. I hope it’s something of a success…

Mostly I’ll write about music, minimalism and other mumblings I think are worthy of posting. But mostly minimalism and music. They’re my two big things, apart from photography, but I’m yet to work out exactly what I’m going to do with that yet.

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